24x7 Umbrella - A Division of Access Tax & Accounting Limited

24x7 Umbrella is a division of Access Tax & Accounting Limited, an accounting practice regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. 24x7 has a unique set of benefits for contractors who wish to be employed. These speak for themselves:

  • 24x7 has an online sign up – not just a registration form Unless you want to speak to a tax consultant you can sign up with 24x7 at any time on any day of the year.
  • Our Client Care Team are at your service 24/7 too. You can speak or chat to informed and friendly staff whenever suits you.
  • Our fees are the most competitive on the market at £20 per week or £80 per month.
  • We give you online access to our portal so you can check on your finances whenever you want.
  • We use Faster Payments to ensure that you are paid as quickly as possible. The only thing is that your bank must be associated with Faster Payments (see notes). Payments are guaranteed within 24 hours but can be as fast as two hours. With the agreement of your agency if it participates in Faster Payments we can arrange for your net salary to reach you bypassing another bank transfer to us. No one does it faster.