Who’s going to do all the bookkeeping and accounting?

It’s probably a question that’s been plaguing you ever since you decided to form a limited company. After all, you don’t have the time or inclination to handle the bookkeeping. Accounting? You wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Access Tax and Accounting’s team of accounting and tax specialists will handle all the bookkeeping and accounting for you, including preparing your annual accounts.

The first thing we do is work with you so we can understand your business and its needs. This is an essential part of our process because it allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs, giving you the best of the best in terms of service quality and value.

Do you want to keep doing all that work on your own? Or are you ready to get rid of another headache and let ATA handle it all for you? We’re sure you are, so give us a call at +44 (0)207 193 9218 or email us at info@accesstaxaccounting.com now so you can meet with an ATA client services team member and get the ball rolling. The sooner you contact us, the faster your bookkeeping and accounting problems will become a thing of the past.

Access Tax and Accounting Will Relieve of the Burden of Bookkeeping and Accounting Issues

So You Can Have the Peace of Mind You Need to Focus on Your Business

FreeAgent Open Books

FreeAgent Open Books Invoicing Software Online Portal Unique Contractor Login

FreeAgent is an efficient and user-friendly online money management and accounting tool designed for consultants who want to work via their own limited companies. So, whether you’re a freelancer or a contractor, FreeAgent is the perfect option to keep track of all your financials.

Thus, with FreeAgent’s easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard, you can keep track of your invoices, expenses, bank accounts and much more. It will help you keep track of your cash flow and project profitability, and just go to your FreeAgent overview screen to find out who owes you money.

You won’t know the meaning of the word efficiency until you give FreeAgent a try. This system will make managing your daily business operations a piece of cake. FreeAgent has you covered on anything and everything you could possibly need, from time tracking and expenses to invoicing and estimates.

It sometimes feels as if someone comes up with some new rule or regulation every day to make the tax regime even more complicated and to give you just one more thing to do as a taxpayer. Though it’s not every day, the tax system is becoming increasingly complex and the individual taxpayer is being saddled with more and more responsibilities all the time. And that can make life hard, especially if you aren’t acquainted with the system. You could try going it alone but you’ll never be able to optimise your tax position and ensure you are compliant with all the requirements – which are changing every day – without the help of a professional. ATA’s team of accounting and tax specialists will make your life easier. You’ll never overpay on your taxes again and we’ll help you achieve the highest level of retention possible. Thus, as your tax advisers, we can provide you with guidance throughout the year regarding issues such as: • Income tax • Personal allowances and tax reliefs • Going international via Limited Company • Non-domiciliary tax issues • …and much more. Remember, every penny you save on income tax is another penny in your pocket that you can use for your personal needs. And those pennies can add up fast!

Access Tax and Accounting Helps You Capitalise on All the Tax Saving Opportunities Possible, Making Sure You Get to Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money

HMRC says you have to pay your taxes based on a self-assessment. They make it sound easy enough, right? What’s the problem? It’s all simple and straightforward, right? Well, it is simple and straightforward. About as simple and straightforward as performing brain surgery with one hand tied behind your back. The tax legislation has been changed so often returns are becoming harder and harder to understand. As if that’s not enough, it has led to a situation in which taxpayers risk incurring even more penalties because they either don’t complete their returns on time or make mistakes while doing so. A conspiracy theorist might surmise HMRC is trying to get more money out of people. Conspiracy or not, the end result is the same. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will end up paying penalties and fines. So, instead of forking over even more money to HM Revenue & Customs, why not do the smart thing and let us help you. Access Tax and Accounting’s teak of tax specialists will handle your self-assessment for you, saving you time, money and aggravation in the process. We’ll do all the calculations, fill out your return and even provide you with advice on how to minimise your tax liability. So, what are you waiting for? Why keep worrying? Just give us a call now at toll-free at +44 (0)207 193 9218 and we’ll show you how hassle-free filing your tax returns can be. And we’ll help you save on your taxes while we’re at it.

Access Tax and Accounting Makes Your Tax Returns a Breeze. We Handle Your Self-Assessment and Deal with the Inland Revenue for a Stress-Free Tax Season.

You barely finish sorting out your personal taxes at the end of January, including going through the monumental task of trying to figure out how to fill out those self-assessment forms properly, and then February rolls around and you have to start all over again because this is the time when you should be focused on year-end tax planning. Here we go again. With Access Tax and Accounting in your corner, you won’t have to worry. We can handle every aspect related to winding up one tax year and starting a new one. Here are some of the measures we suggest limited contractors implement to make sure you are taking advantage of all the tax breaks available for your business. Of course, when you work with us, we’ll be handling all of this for you.


Make Sure You Are Claiming Tax Relief on Every Allowable Expense

You can save a lot of money by claiming all the permissible expenses. Make sure you also claim any expenses you personally incurred that were “wholly, exclusively and necessarily” incurred so you could carry out your duties. Some examples of these expenses include professional subscriptions, accommodation costs and mileage you paid for out of your own pocket. By claiming these personal expenses, you will be able to extract profits from your company without paying taxes, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

However, there is a slight problem here. Figuring out which expenses are allowed is not always simple and straightforward. Some might be quite clear, but some might be ambiguous. You could claim an ineligible expense and end up underpaying your taxes, which is never a good idea. On the flip side, you could overlook lots of expenses you didn’t know were allowable and end up overpaying on your taxes, which is even worse.

Access Tax and Accounting can help you by making sure you are claiming tax relief on all allowable expenses, so you don’t have to stress over overpaying or underpaying your taxes. We’ll make sure you’ll be paying as little as legally possible on your taxes, which will lead to a fortune in savings over the long term.

Know the Tax Position of Your Company and Keep It Up to Date

After setting your director’s fee at the right level, recognising your company’s expenses and claiming any personal expenses on behalf of the business, you will be able to calculate whether your company is profitable and how much profit it has made at any point.

You will then need to take into account corporation tax (and minimal PAYE) and VAT to determine how much profit your company has made after taxes. Net profit, as it is called, is the maximum amount a company can pay out as dividends, making it the highest income you can draw from the company besides the director’s fee. Paying out even one penny over this amount is illegal.

Now, calculating this figure can get complicated. You will spend more time on it than you should, when you could be generating more business and money. ATA can help you calculate the profitability of your company, ensuring full transparency and accuracy. You won’t have to worry over making a mistake and maybe committing an offence accidentally, and you’ll also save a lot of time.

Know How Much You Can Draw as Dividends from the Company

Drawing dividends from your company is not without its own slew of tax implications. The key here is knowing how much you can draw to be as tax efficient as possible because, remember, you don’t have to convert all the company’s profits into dividends. You can draw the amount you need to fund your lifestyle or choose the amount that will ensure you don’t break the higher rate tax threshold.

Access Tax and Accounting will work with you to come up with the best possible solution so you can withdraw the money you need while paying as little as possible in taxes.

Flat Rate VAT

  • Is your turnover below £150,000 per year?
  • Are your expenses low when calculated as a proportion of turnover?
  • Do you work for VAT-registered clients and don’t make zero-rated or exempt supplies?

Then Flat Rate VAT can save you thousands of pounds per year.

While there are plenty of accountants who don’t even discuss this with their clients, at ATA our goal is to make you wealthier, which means we will do everything legally possible to save you money. And from our point of view, if the above conditions are met, implementing Flat Rate VAT is the best choice.