Choosing a Limited Company Name

Now that you’ve decided on forming your own limited company, you’ll have to choose a name. For most contractors, this is the fun part of the process, but deciding on a name can be tougher than you might realise. After all, there are so many options:

  • Do you use your own name to create a brand?
  • Do you opt for words or phrases that show your clients precisely what you can do for them?
  • Do you go for an unusual, more brandable name?

One of the biggest issues in choosing a company name is making sure that no other company exists with the same or a very similar name. As you know, it can create lot of problems for your company in the future. These are definitely interesting questions to ponder and you will certainly have a great time trying to come up with the perfect name. However, you have to take into account certain legal restrictions and practical considerations.