how much will it cost to go limited

While you certainly don’t need to use ATA’s services to form your company to avail yourself of our services, it is a preferable approach because we pride ourselves on the transparency of our fees and excellent customer service. In other words, with Access Tax and Accounting, you will never encounter unpleasant surprises, such as additional costs for the formation of your company that weren’t mentioned from the start, nor will you ever have to chase us down.

Our service is all-inclusive, covering VAT and PAYE registration and everything else required so you can start working through your limited company immediately. Other companies might offer more attractive prices, at first glance, but that’s before you read the fine print and realise essential aspects of company formation aren’t covered, such as the aforementioned VAT and PAYE registration, for each of which most other accountants charge £75 plus VAT. An extra £150 plus VAT is nothing to scoff at, especially when it’s a cost you weren’t expecting.

We also offer full telephone and online support, which is something most other services offering cheap company formations don’t offer. So, if you encounter a problem, you have us to turn to. With ATA, you can call our Client Liaison Team and they will be more than happy to assist you with whatever you need. Our mission is to deliver excellent customer service and achieve outstanding customer satisfaction, which means we always go the extra mile for our clients. You’ll never have to chase us down, or worry we won’t be there when you need us.

Yes, there are seemingly amazing offers available online that promise to form your company for free. It sounds like a brilliant deal, doesn’t it? After all, what’s nicer than getting something for free? But is it really free? In most cases, once you agree to let the service form your company for free, you have also signed on as their client for at least one year, if not more. In other words, this so-called free service will end up costing you thousands of pounds. And if you think you can get out of the contract, you’ll have a nasty surprise because the penalties will end up costing you even more. And those thousands of pounds you’ll have to shell out? That’s just for the service. We haven’t even discussed how much you stand to lose on taxes.

With Access Tax and Accounting, we will never force you into doing anything you don’t want.

  • Do you want to use our services just to form a company? No problem.
  • Do you want to use our accountancy and taxation services in your work country and use someone else to form your company? No problem.
  • Do you want us to handle everything for you? Even better.

Access Tax and Accounting Has One Goal and That Is to Achieve Ultimate Customer Satisfaction.

When You’re Happy, We’re Happy.

So, how much will it cost you for us to form your company for you? Well, you might be surprised looking at our offerings.

We will deliver a fully formed company you can start trading with immediately. We charge the lowest price for company formation that includes everything, anywhere. You can search high and low, but you won’t find any service that even comes close in price or level of service.

So, if you’d rather not…

  • End up paying a larger bill than expected – sometimes more than three or four times the initial quote;
  • Chew your nails to the quick because you can’t get hold of the people who promised to form your company and handle your tax compliance;
  • Wonder if you’re doing the right thing with forming your company because no one can be bothered to give you any advice
  • Worry about any fines and penalties you may be liable for down the road because someone didn’t do their job properly…

…and would prefer to…

  • Get help organising a company bank account
  • Receive all the advice you need on the ideal share structure of your company and more
  • Have all the legalities sorted out, including VAT and PAYE registration…

…then give us a call right now, because ATA offers all that and more.

So call us now and let’s get started!

Don’t Risk Your Future On Low Quality Services.

Give Us a Call at ATA and We’ll Take Care of Your Company Formation the Right Way.