Generally, limited company’s names must end in Limited or Ltd. The name of your company must not exceed 160 characters and it cannot include certain characters, symbols or punctuation.

The Registrar of Companies will turned down a company name if:

  1. Using it would be a criminal offence
  2. It’s offensive
  3. It improperly represents the legal structure of the company
  4. It’s the same as the name of an existing company

The main problem is with your name being the same as the name of an existing company. When the Registrar conducts the comparison, punctuation, company status, the word “the” or “www” at the start of the name will all be ignored. And “pound” will be considered the same as “£”, for example.

Furthermore, in some cases you will need to receive approval from the Secretary of State to use certain names, usually for situations in which your name indicates a connection between your company and the government. Another situation in which you will need Secretary of State approval for your name is if you use terms indicating national or international status, such as “Scottish”, “French” or “European”, terms indicating status, like “council” or “society”, and terms that imply a certain function, such as banking or insurer.