Practical Considerations

Your company name creates the first impression and in business, first impressions are essential. So, you need to choose a name that creates a positive first impression. You certainly should avoid complicated, long-winded names because not only are they hard to pronounce and spell, they are also hard to remember. Plus, you stand to lose business when people you talked to can’t find your business because they made a mistake in spelling the name.

ATA Advises Clients to Choose Memorable But Simple Names for Maximum Impact and Minimum Risk.

Of course, you could include any special skills you have in your business name as it will make you easier to find online or in other databases and directories. However, keep in mind that if you are too specific, you might have trouble in future if you want to expand your business to other areas. For example, if you opt for a business name such as “The Online Advertising Specialist”, you’ll find it difficult to move into off-line advertising simply because prospects will associate your business with online advertising.

No, changing your name is not difficult, but it’s still a hassle you can avoid by choosing the right name from the beginning.