Provision of a Registered Address for Your Limited Company

When forming a limited company, you need to provide an address that will be used as the registered office for your company. Now, you could choose to use your home address, which is what most contractors do.

However, that means you’ll have to handle all your business correspondence yourself, which is essential but also tedious and time consuming. In other words, you’ll be spending time dealing with postal administration when you could be generating more business, which doesn’t make sense. You should be focusing on high-value tasks that will move your business closer to the goals you want to achieve and not dealing with the post.

This is why ATA offers an invaluable service whereby you can use our offices as your registered address. The best part is that we will receive all your company’s mail, process it for you and inform you of any urgent information immediately via phone or email.

Furthermore, your ATA accountant can take immediate action on documents from the HM Revenue and Customs as well as Companies House. You won’t have to worry or try to remember to get the relevant documents to your accountant. You won’t have to waste time sorting through business correspondence. You’ll be able to focus on making more money while we handle all that tedious paperwork.

ATA Handles All the Paperwork

So You Can Focus on Building a Successful Business

So, if you want to:

  • Be free of stacks of business correspondence arriving at your home
  • Stop worrying whether or not you threw out something important because it got mixed up with the junk mail you get
  • Be able to focus on generating more business and making more money…

…then give us a call now and we’ll work out all the details so you can provide our address are your company’s registered address.