If you’ve decided that the best option for you is to work under an umbrella company, the safest and most efficient way to do so is via ATA’s subsidiary company, 24x7 Umbrella Limited. 24x7 Umbrella Limited was established to offer UK-based contractors employment services if they would rather avoid using their own limited company.

With 24x7 Umbrella Limited, you will enjoy:

  1. Low fixed fees, either weekly or monthly.
  2. No entry or exit fees, or other hidden costs.
  3. Calls with real people that are answered within three rings. You won’t have to suffer through an automated call handling system or voice mail.
  4. Guaranteed real time same day payments, usually within 2 hours.
  5. A 3-month free trial. You don’t have to pay anything until you are satisfied.
  6. Money back service guarantee. We’ll never miss a deadline on an important filing, but in the unlikely event that we do, we will refund you a full month’s fee.
  7. Round the clock accessibility via the Agency Compliance Portal. Recruitment agencies can review the compliance status of all their contractors and even contribute in setting compliance criteria in accordance with your policies.
  8. Unique Online Selling Portal
  9. Regulated by ICAEW
  10. Affiliated with APSCo and PCG (IPSE)

Unlike other services, 24x7 Umbrella Limited will never charge you a percentage of your earnings. The monthly or weekly fees remain the same regardless of how much money you make. For the duration of every contract, you will be guaranteed payment, even if funds haven’t been received from the end client or agency, which is something completely unique in the industry.

ATA’s 24x7 Umbrella Limited Guarantees You Payment of Earnings Regardless of Whether Payment Has Been Received from the End Client or Agency. If you’ve opted to work with 24x7 Umbrella Limited and then decide that you’d prefer to work through a limited company, 24x7 Umbrella Limited can arrange this for you right away with no hassle. 

To learn more about working under an umbrella company or if you have any questions about 24x7 Umbrella Limited, please contact us at +44 (0)207 193 9218 or via email: info@24by7umbrella.com